The Key And The Battle

I found the key.
It’s part of me.

I know the path,
though you may laugh.

I start the journey,
not in a hurry.

I stay low and quiet,
because I know they’ll buy it.

I do not flee,
because I see.

I would know if I were blinded,
if they could benefit from being reminded.

The key, through my cells, is blinded.
Wherever you put the locked door, I will find it.

I will win this battle, though I did not start it.
I will lose this battle, though I accept not a part of it.

© Rose Night
Creative Commons License
This text work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


The Royal Pet (Chapter Two)

[Need to catch up? Start with Chapter One]

                      The Royal Pet

Chapter Two

I felt numb, but peaceful. My eyes were closed but I heard people speaking English. “How long do you think it will be before she wakes? She is stable.” “Anytime now. The drugs should be wearing off”.

I opened my eyes and saw two women standing beside the bed. I slowly sat up as they smiled and one said, “My lady, I’m glad you have awoken. We gave you medicine for the pain, and operated to remove the bullet. You are healed but may feel some pain or itching for a few hours”. For a moment I was confused, but then it all came back to me, disembarking and being shot at. I had taken a bullet in my arm for the queen. I looked around and saw a room that seemed like any hospital room on Earth, except for the bright orange stone walls, ceiling and floors.

While one woman talked to me the other had moved over to a computer and said something into what vaguely looked like a wristwatch. A moment later a door opened to my right and Freya ran in. Human! You are well? They have been taking good care of you? She jumped onto the bed and sniffed my arm. Yes, it seems they have healed me. Amazing. We don’t have this kind of technology on earth. I moved my arm and felt only a tiny bit of pain. There was no visible sign of there ever having been a bullet in my arm. Freya beamed. You will find that feline technology far surpasses that of earth. I thank you for saving me and I am pleased you survived. Now, I have had your bag moved to the royal suite, where you have your own room. Are you ready to go home?

Definitely, I responded. It was then I realized that instead of the jeans, black t-shirt and winter jacket I had been wearing, I was now clothed in a white, Victorian style nightdress. As I got out of bed, the doctor held up a thick black robe that seemed to be made of some sort of short fur, and, thanking her, I put it on. She bowed slightly and moved away as Freya and I exited.

As we passed down the hallway I admired the wall tapestries which depicted cats and humans engaged in battle with dogs. Before we left Earth I had been made aware of the centuries long war the Feline Empire had with the now widespread and dwindling Canine Consortium. I wasn’t a lover of war, and as I had been friends with dogs in the past I wasn’t thrilled about this war. I had initially been a little unsure about leaving Earth when I learned of it. But Freya said I did not have to be involved in any capacity. She didn’t understand my love for dogs but she accepted it as part of being an Earth human.

The human who attacked me was apprehended by the city guard and is being held in the dungeon. An investigation has been started. Apparently there have been rumours that not all allies of the pretender have been caught. There is still a resistance to my rule. As Freya explained the situation, I knelt to pick her up to comfort her but she moved back a little. I know you mean well, human mine, but it is unseemly to be showing affection in public. It could be seen as a sign of weakness. Especially now, when I have yet to be sworn in as the ruler. The ceremony will be in a few hours. But it comforts me to know that I have your support. I replied that I understood.

Just a minute of walking down the hall and we came to a set of matte black doors trimmed in shiny white. Two human men who looked related stood to either side of the door, each holding a stick which matched the design of the door. They both followed tradition and greeted the queen and then turned to me to bow slightly, quietly saying, “My lady”. They opened both doors and we entered. As the doors closed behind us I looked around at the bare walls. I supposed whatever the usurper had used as decoration had been removed. The room was large but it held only one small black dinner table, with dark green chairs around it. There was one door on each side of the room. A woman who was standing in a corner greeted us both as the guards had.

That is Ada. She is now my personal servant, as you have been freed. She and her family have served mine for generations. The guards are her cousins and they are brothers, Arthur and Alfred. Adas niece, Evelyn, is your personal maid. She will be here, in your room. Freya led me through one of the doors as Ada opened it.

After a quick version of the traditional greetings, a woman who looked about twenty years old, squeezed her clasped hands together in front of her and gushed, “Oh my Queen, how pleased we are that you have returned to us! The pretender was just horrible to us! I know you will put the empire to order again! And I am honoured to be granted the role of royal pets maid”, she beamed and bounced in glee, her shoulder length dirty blonde corkscrew curls bouncing.

“I am glad to be home and I will take care of the people as my ancestors did before”, Freya said. Evelyn grinned in pleasure. It was the first time I had heard Freya, or any cat, speak out loud. She had a strange accent, something I couldn’t really compare to any of the accents I had heard on earth.

I looked around the room, taking in the large bed with dark purple cover and pillows. In another corner was clearly a computer terminal of some sort, though the screen was paper thin. For a moment I was surprised to see what looked like a regular Earth type keyboard. The ships consoles had large icons, all the better for cats paws to operate. Then I remembered that many humans lived here, so having computers for them wasn’t strange.

Usually the humans here use holographic computers, but this is an older style one. I thought you might like it for the similarity to Earth computers, Freya said. It’s great, I replied, admiring the shiny black desk and cushioned dark blue chair. I noticed my wheeled suitcase in another corner, and what seemed like many closet doors around the room. Evelyn went around, opening them and showing me the clothing Freya had had made for me. I was surprised that she seemed to know my size. “These are for every day wear, and also your nightdresses are in here”. It was a closet of beautiful but somewhat plainly styled linen dresses, in so many colours. The nightdresses were all similar to what I was now wearing. Another closet held dinner dresses, which were a mix of silk and linen, a bit more elaborate with lace, pearls or other gems. The third closet had the most fancy dresses, like I had only seen in museums. I saw styles from what seemed like every era in Earth up until the nineteenth century.

I know these coverings are not your usual style. But they are what the nobility wear here and I want you to fit in. Do you like them? The queen looked up at me. They’re beautiful, this whole room is beautiful, thank you. It’s alright to pet you in here right? She said it was, so I bent to pet her a bit. What about decorations? The walls are bare in here and out there, I asked. The usurper did not believe in decorations. We will decorate this place together. Later. We have two hours to rest before my inauguration, or you can explore the C&A (Communications and Archive). It is what we call internet here. There are also holographic computers which humans use for recreation. Those are called RHS’s (Recreational Holographic Systems). You can explore those another day. I’ll show you my room now.

I followed the queen and saw that surprisingly, her room was smaller than mine. Aside from a large-iconed console built into the wall in one corner, there was only a fur covered bed that was about the size of the dog beds sold on Earth. The fur was black and I realized it was probably dog hair, which made me look down at my robe in discomfort. Freya noticed my expression. Yes, it is all dog hair. Usually that is what we use here. Though commoners often use the fur of other animals. I know it brings you discomfort but it is my hope that eventually you will become accustomed to our ways here. Maybe someday you will even dine on canine flesh as we all do. I looked down at her apologetically. I don’t know if that will ever happen but I promise to try, my Queen.

She seemed satisfied with that as we went back into the main room. I just realized I am hungry and you must be too. We shall eat now. Ada said, My queen, I anticipated your needs. I had food brought for you and your pet. She moved to one side where I hadn’t noticed a box about the size of a microwave attached to the wall. She opened the door and removed two covered plates. Freya and I sat at the table (though in her case she sat on the table. Unlike on Earth, it wasn’t my place to tell her to get off of it). Fresh canine for you, your majesty, Ada said, setting one plate in front of Freya and removing the lid. And for you my lady, a salad. I removed the lid, and saw some sort of lettuce type leaves, with strange small fruits or vegetables on them. One type looked like pears. Another had patches of what looked like peach and apple, and the third looked just like blackberries. They all tasted different to those fruits, but they were all good. The pear type one was sort of like a cross between potato and cauliflower, the peach/apple was slightly sweet, a bit like asian pear mixed with cucumber. The blackberry looking ones were the biggest surprise, they tasted like butternut squash with another flavour added which I could not describe. The leaves tasted like kale and the salad had a light, sweet dressing that was a bit like vanila. I ate the delicious salad while Freya sat on the table beside me eating her dog meat. I avoided looking at her bowl. I had never had a pet dog but had always liked dogs and was uncomfortable with the idea of eating them.

After we ate Freya went to the console in her room, to prepare for the coronation which would happen soon, and I went to my room to check out the computer. I wanted to learn more about this culture of cats. Their flag was orange and black, the official colours of the Feline Empire. It was a cat standing proudly over the dead body of a dog, all in orange, on a black background. There was something written at the bottom of the flag, and the page I was on said it was in the feline language. The translation was, ‘The only good canine is a dead canine’. I was surprised at how violent it looked even though Freya had told me before of the war between the felines and the canines which had gone on for centuries. The war had been going for so long now that no one knew why it had started. It was simply a fact of life here.

Another thing I learned were that every so often a feline ship would go to earth, to rural communities to invite humans to come to the Feline Empire. All through earths history this had happened. As history and mythology were hobbies of mine, I wondered why I had never read anything about this on earth. Then I read that apparently every time this had happened, the small communities had accepted, and gone away with the cats. Apparently they had chosen places where there were either telepathic people who they could communicate with or they brought humans who could speak in the earth humans languages. I had wondered before how everyone who could speak telepathically could understand each other and apparently for some reason telepathy always translated to a language that a person could understand. So Freya had been speaking to me in feline and yet to me it sounded like english. English was apparently a popular language here among the humans, along with many other earth languages.

Next I read that earth culture was popular in the empire, and that among the common humans there were styles of dress from all eras of earths history. The human nobility only wore clothing from the fourteenth to nineteenth centuries, which explained the clothing in my closet. Anything to do with earth was fashionable here, though different time periods made for different earth practices being popular. There had been a time in the past when it was common for the nobility to only wear roman togas, and another time when it was popular for the common folk to go naked. I giggled as I read that last part. There was also music, in all of earths styles and some new genres that seemed to have been invented in the Feline Empire. As an avid music fan I looked forward to hearing this new music.

I was so engrossed in reading that I didn’t hear Evelyn come in. She cleared her throat behind me, “My lady? It is time to get ready for the coronation”. I turned off my console and we went to the closet. “I don’t know what to wear, what’s appropriate for this occasion”? “Choose something from this closet”, Evelyn said, opening the fancy gowns closet. I chose a shiny satin maroon dress that had light green accents and bows. It seemed the least elaborate of all of the dresses and I wasn’t used to dressing so fancy.. Evelyn also gave me the official necklace of the royal pet, saying it was important for everyone to know my rank. She said I should wear it whenever I left the royal suite. It was an orange circle bordered in black, on a black chain and it had feline script on it. When I asked, Evelyn told me it said, ‘Royal Pet’.

The coronation was a short affair followed by a party which included dancing. The ceremony was all in speaking out loud feline and included Freya kissing (licking) a flag of the empire. Humans and cats stood around the large room while Freya performed the ceremony alone. Her speech and the flag licking took only minutes. After, everyone in the crowd, cat and human alike, performed the traditional queen greeting, then some started dancing while others got food from the tables lining the room. The music changed from techno to various styles of classical, to rock. As I stood at a table, trying to decide if I wanted to eat, a redheaded woman wearing a bright blue velvet gown accented with red gems stopped and smiled. “So you’re the new royal pet. I’m Violet, it’s great to meet you.” I introduced myself back and learned that her family had come from earth when her parents were children. She invited me to a dinner she was having with friends after this gathering, and I accepted. She said they couldn’t wait to meet me and that everyone was really glad that Freya was back.

Later as I tried to leave the royal suite to go to dinner, Evelyn stopped me. “Oh no my lady, you can’t be going in the same dress as you wore earlier! We would both be embarrassed if you were to be seen like that!” Although I thought it was silly , I allowed her to choose a dress from the dinner dress closet, a light purple one accented in gold. She also insisted on styling up my hair, in a bun made of braids, with one ringlet left down over one shoulder. She said it was the most fashionable hairstyle now.

Outside the castle, I found an orange hovercar waiting for me.It had the Feline Empire flag on one side. I got in, feeling like I was in a sci fi movie. There was no driver, just me. “Good evening, Royal Pet”, the computer said. “Are you ready to go?” I answered to the affirmative and looked out the window as we took off. I was surprised at how fast we were going. It was so fast that everything outside the car turned into a blur. Inside the car it didn’t feel like we were moving at all. Now I really felt like I was in a sci fi movie!

A butler greeted me at Violets house, a large white building with fancy turret on top like a castle. Looking around I saw that the other houses nearby were in a similar style. Inside, the house was also white. I was brought to the drawing room, where Violet sat with fifteen other people. I admired her dusty pink dress which had white bows at the wrists and waist. The butler introduced me as I walked in, “The lady Grace, Royal Pet”. Now I felt like I was in a costume drama movie. Violet welcomed me and introduced her other guests. We stayed in the drawing room enjoying alcoholic drinks for about twenty minutes until the butler informed us dinner was ready.

In the dining room Violet sat me next to her at the head of the table. “I’ve been informed that you don’t eat canine. I had fish made for you instead, is that to your liking?” I told her it was and that she didn’t need to go to the trouble, I could simply have eaten vegetables or fruits. I felt a bit embarrassed and out of place. I noticed that some of the people at the table were looking at me a bit oddly as they ate their dogmeat while I ate fish. Violet noticed also. “Oh don’t worry about them. They turn up their noses at anything that’s new to them. I think it’s cool that you do your own thing”. I thanked her for putting me at ease and admitted that I had been a little embarrassed but since she said that I decided I wouldn’t care either. I did wonder why she was friends with them as she seemed really nice.

Near the other end of the table sat two women who kept glancing over at me as they talked. The blonde whispered something into the ear of the brown haired one while they both looked at me. The dark haired woman laughed into her hand as the blonde smirked. “Olivia and her flunky, Nancy. Two of the biggest gossips around. Ignore them, they compensate for their own stupidity with cruelty”, Violet whispered at me.

Suddenly, just across the table a man stood, gagging. The man beside him grabbed him and performed the heimlich manoeuvre. A piece of meat flew out of his mouth, across the table, and smacked into Olivia, right between her eyes. It slid down her nose and onto her ample cleavage. She shrieked, “Get it off me, get it off, get it off!”, and batted at the hand of the man beside her who, smirking, tried to remove it. She glared at her friend until Nancy took a napkin and removed the offending meat. I couldn’t help my own smirk and put my hand up to cover it. Violet snickered.

The rest of the evening was uneventful and I thanked Violet as I left. Later, I lay in bed thinking of all that had happened that day. I still felt wide awake even though I hadn’t slept the night before because of the spaceflight and how it was morning when we arrived. I looked over as the door to my room opened. Human? Are you sleeping? Without waiting for an answer she jumped onto the bed. I’m too amped up from this day to sleep. This has been unlike anything I ever imagined. Freya purred and settled onto my chest as I pet her. Tomorrow there is a customary day that I must spend in meditation, preparing to take on the duties of my office. You should go into the city and shop. The money you need will be provided.  I thought that sounded like fun, and was soon lulled to sleep by Freyas purring.

The next day I wore a simple yellow dress and carried a black purse with a credit chip in it, lip balm and a comb. The credit chip was about half the size of a credit card. Get whatever decorations you desire for the royal suite my pet, and anything else you want, said Freya. Thanks my darling, I petted her as I followed Evelyn out. We were also joined by a guard, a big, muscular, silent man. The queen still had concerns about supporters of the pretender and wanted me to be protected. I still marveled over the speed of the hovercar, though Evelyn seemed confused at my reaction. I learned that her family had been in the Feline Empire for many generations, and she didn’t know much about earth. She was surprised when I explained that our cars had wheels and traveled only a fraction of the speed of these hovercars.

We stopped at an open air market that smelled of sweet and spicy foods. Vendors sold everything from food, to clothing, to data rods containing music, videos or books, and much more. My heart raced in excitement at all of the colours and smells, and the many different languages I heard spoken. We walked along slowly as I took it all in. We came to a street down which I saw a shop that seemed to have paintings in the windows.. Thinking of the bare walls in the royal suite, I brought the store to Evelyn and the guards attention and we started that way. The guard went in first to make sure it was safe. We waited a minute, then another, and grew concerned. Evelyn decided to go in and see what had happened but I thought it was a bad idea. I suggested we contact the palace and have them send more guards to check it out first, but she insisted, so I followed her cautiously in. As we went into the shop and the door closed, I looked around in confusion. There was nothing in the room except for the window display and a door across from it. And a man standing over the fallen body of the guard, holding a bloody knife. Just then I felt a sharp pain in the side of my neck. I turned to call for Evelyn and saw her smiling oddly at me. Her eyes were cold and dead. She pulled a  needle out of my neck and I fell to the floor, to darkness.

[To be continued]

© Rose Night
Creative Commons License
This text work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Easy Home-Cooked Meals For Cats

Many of us tend to be health conscious about our diets these days, wanting to eat more organic, fresh foods. Sometimes we are so busy we don’t spend much time thinking about what we are feeding our pets.

Dr. Lisa Pierson, DVM says:

“Putting a little thought into what you feed your cat(s) can pay big dividends over their lifetime and very possibly help them avoid serious, painful, and costly illnesses…”

My cat Freya is 18 and everyone who sees her says she looks a lot younger. My parents agree that she looks younger than their 15-year-old cat. She eats only the home-cooked food recommended by Dr. Pierson. It’s easy, you just set aside a few hours every couple of weeks to a month (depending on how many cats and how much freezer space you have), put on some good music and feel good about making your cat(s) more healthy.

Check out It is worth reading through the whole site to understand more about cat health, but here is The recipe:

“I use the following ingredients – in amounts listed – per

3 pounds of poultry thigh meat/bones/skin


2 – 2.25 lbs of whole carcass ground rabbit + 0.75 – 1 lbs of boneless chicken or turkey meat/skin/fat (see reasons above):

1 cup water or, preferably, more if your cat will eat it with more water – increased dietary water helps keep the urinary tract healthy and unobstructed with debris (crystals, mucus, protein, white blood cells, red blood cells, etc.)

2 eggs – (optional) use the yolk raw but lightly cook the white (soft boiling them for ~3-4 minutes works well) – remove all or at least most of the shell

5000 – 10,000 mg fish oil (5-10 capsules of the average 1,000 mg capsule) – I use 10 capsules for my cats. Fish oil is a good source of essential fatty acids – note that this is increased from the original amount of 2,000 mg – if your cat does not like fish, it is ok to use only 2,000 mg. Do NOT use cod liver oil! There is already plenty of vitamin A and D in the liver we are using.

Vitamin E – 400 IU (268 mg) (powdered E in capsules is the easiest to use)

Vitamin B-complex 50 – 1 capsule or tablet but if you have a picky cat, you should start with only 1/2 capsule or tablet for a total of 25 mg; you can try to increase from there for the next batch but if you determine that your cat is turned off from the food with more than 25 mg, then just leave it at 25 mg.

2,000 mg taurine (use powdered – either in capsules or loose)

1 tsp Morton Lite (or Windsor Half and Half for Canadian residents) salt with iodine when using chicken but use 1/2 tsp when using rabbit + chicken (contains potassium and sodium – make sure that it contains iodine – see below for further explanation.)

For people who cannot source Morton Lite Salt with iodine, use 3/4 tsp of regular salt (sodium chloride) with iodine + 14 tablets of potassium gluconate (99mg each) OR 14 capsules of potassium citrate (99 mg each).

If you absolutely cannot source potassium gluconate or citrate, the meat and liver have enough potassium in it for health cats. In that case, use 1 tsp of regular salt (sodium chloride) with iodine.

Liver – If using ground rabbit (which includes liver) from, do not add additional liver. If using chicken legs, thighs or a whole chicken carcass minus the organs, add 3-4 ounces of chicken livers per 3 lb of meat/bones/skin.”

[Note: She mentions elsewhere on her site to cook the meat about 10% to kill salmonella. As close to raw as possible, is best.)


The Royal Pet (First chapter of my new novel)

              The Royal Pet

Chapter One

The day I left the planet was the last day I ever saw snow. It was the sticky kind, perfect for making snowmen. I remember that so much of it was falling as I pulled my wheeled suitcase along that it felt like there was more snow than air. I felt breathless for another reason though, one which had to do with the spaceship I would soon see.

 I know what you’re thinking, this woman is crazy, right? Leaving the planet? Spaceship? Come on! I’ll go back a little further…

 When I went to the pet shelter to get a cat I had no idea the experience would literally be out of this world. The cats were all in a room together, some sitting, some pacing, some sleeping. But this one brown, black, orange and white tabby cat walked right over to the window and sat there, staring at me. Then I felt her in my mind, It is I. I am ready to go home with you. I wasn’t as surprised as you might think I would be and I knew that I wasn’t going crazy. I was only a little surprised, because I had practised telepathy with a few people; former lovers and a few close friends. I’d never been telepathic with an animal before. I paused, then replied, Oh…You can speak telepathically? Wow…Ok, I guess I’ll take you. She slitted her eyes at me, body language which I knew meant the cat was showing affection. Of course you will. I have been waiting for you.

That was a strange response, but I simply informed the shelter employee of my choice and soon the kitten was in my arms and we were getting in my car. I sat and looked at her. Do you have a name already? For some reason I thought she might. The name she gave me was long and I found it impossible to pronounce correctly. Finally she said, You may give me the name of your choice and I will accept it. Your vocal capability is flawed but that isn’t your fault. You’re only a human. I found her bluntness amusing.

 Later, after we had gotten home and she was eating some of the holistic cat food I had gotten her, I went online and looked up names of Goddesses who had something to do with cats. I chose Freya, which is the name of a Norse Goddess whose chariot was drawn by cats. She seemed pleased with my choice.

That night as I climbed into bed, Freya jumped up and settled in beside me. There are things we must speak of, human, she began. What things? I had no idea what she was going to say. It was foretold that you would come to me. Be silent now, and listen until I have finished. I am the deposed, rightful queen of the feline empire. I was exiled to this planet when a cousin took the throne from my mother in a bloody coup. Many felines who were loyal to me and my mother died in that battle, including all of my brothers and sisters and my mother the queen herself. A loyal servant, a human, was able to hide me and take me to a spaceship, to escape to your planet. Upon my arrival I divined the place you and I were to meet, and went there. And now here we are. There are those on the homeworld and all around the empire who are still loyal to me, and who work to remove my traitorous cousin from the throne and install me. There will come a day when I must return to the homeworld and lead my people. It has been foreseen that you travel with me to become the royal pet. And yet, this is not something I will force you to do. It will have to be your choice.

 I was shocked by this story and had to wonder if she was playing a joke on me. I felt she was telling the truth though.

Weeks passed and my life went on as usual. I went to my mind-numbing job as a file clerk at an insurance company. I had superficial friendships where we only talked about things like movies, music and fashion. I knew no one who was interested in the things I was, like history and archaeology. I had no romance. I had no family living aside from some distant relatives in Europe who I only vaguely knew on Facebook. The more I thought about it the more I realized I was the perfect type of human to be invited to leave the planet. I had no one and nothing keeping me here.

I hadn’t given much thought to whether there was life in space. But now I wondered. One night as Freya sat kneading my belly, I waited for her to settle down. She curled on top of me as I asked, Are there aliens out there in space? She looked up at me. Of course. Are all earth humans unaware of this? I knew that some people went looking for UFO’s and some claimed to have seen them or to have been abducted by aliens. I didn’t know about any of that. I thought the UFO’s were probably human craft, something to do with military black projects. Then I realized what she had said. What do you mean, earth humans? Are there other humans in the feline empire? She blinked at me, Of course there are. They are servants. There are some free humans but they are kept as the pets of the feline nobility. They are considered human nobility amongst the humans. If you serve me well and you choose it, then you will come with me when I retake my queendom, and become one of those human nobles. You will have a special place as the royal pet. I smiled at her. I’ve decided to go. I have nothing and no one to lose here. And how could I pass on an opportunity like this? How many humans get such an offer?

 It was months later that I came home from work one day to find Freya at the computer. She used it to connect to an area of the internet humans can’t find, the feline web. I had asked her how they hid it from humans and she told me it was computer magic and it was forbidden for humans to know. Apparently this feline web allowed those in the feline empire to communicate with cats on earth, and in this way Freya had been in contact with those loyal to her. She turned off the screen as I came in and beamed at me. It has happened! My cousin has been removed and is locked in the dungeon! I must return and take my place! I must punish her for her traitorous crime! Pack everything you want to take with you, human. We leave tonight.

She had said everything would be provided for me and so if I chose I didn’t have to take anything. But I wanted to keep some things. Music and books. Some of my favourite clothing. I guess I didn’t have to take cds and books as most of them should be available through the internet which cats and humans used in the empire. This included the earth internet. But some of my things had sentimental value and so I packed a suitcase. There was a part of me that still thought this was all crazy. But only a small part.

And so I found myself trudging through the snow towards the huge skating rink in the centre of town. I was confused because she still hadn’t told me where the spaceship would be. There were a few people around but none of them payed any attention to us as they passed. When someone bumped right into us and kept going without saying anything, I looked down at Freya, held in one arm against my chest and commented on the rudeness of that guy. It’s not his fault. He can’t see us. None of them can. I put a do-not-look-here spell on us. She said this all matter of fact as if it were the most ordinary thing. The same has been done for the ship. It’s hovering just above that frozen water there, at this time when no one will be there. It’s the only empty place in this city big enough.

 I looked up and saw the ship. I stopped in surprise. Then, grinning, I ran onto the ice and started skating over to it. The ship was vaguely rectangular and black. It was barely visible in the night but for it’s shininess. As we approached, a door opened by sliding into the roof and a large ginger cat descended a ramp onto the ice. He stood on hind legs momentarily, putting his forepaws up on each side of his head, saying, Majesty! I greet you in servitude! She replied, Your greeting is acceptable, Bartholomew. To me she said, It was his pet human who escaped me to earth. He is a loyal servant indeed.

 We ascended the ramp and entered the ship. It was also black and shiny inside. There was a human male just inside who looked about sixty years old. Bartholomew told him telepathically to take my suitcase to storage. We walked down a hallway and entered a door at the end. From watching science fiction I took this to be the bridge. Cats sat at consoles set against all of the walls, tapping away. Humans who seemed to be in uniform were standing, three each in all corners of the room, holding long rifles. There was a big viewscreen which took up one entire wall and through it I could see the parking lot, including my car, and much of downtown. This was it, I was really in a spaceship about to leave the planet. My heart felt like it would beat right through my chest.

As we entered all of the cats got up and greeted the queen the same as Bartholomew had. I could feel their happiness and excitement. At her direction I put Freya down in the chair in the centre of the room and sat in the one beside it. Bartholomew sat in the chair on her other side and it seemed he was the captain as he ordered the helmscat to depart.

I was a bit disoriented as we took off and shot up into the sky, but didn’t become sick. It only took about four hours to arrive at the feline homeworld and I spent the entire trip staring out the viewscreen in amazement,watching the stars streak by, turned into streams of light.

When we made it to the planet, I was surprised at how much it resembled earth. It was green and blue. The biggest difference was that there only seemed to be one big landmass. I had been expecting a more alien landscape. We landed in a meadow before a castle which looked medieval in style except for the fact that it seemed to be made of bright orange stones. The meadow was filled with cats and humans except for the area we landed in.

 Bartholomew turned to Freya. Majesty, your people are ready to swear allegiance to you. As you know, there were hard times for everyone under the dictatorship of the pretender. Thankfully, the pretender ruled only a short time. All seem willing to be loyal to you as they were to your mother before you. Freya beamed at him. And you, old friend, I know you never wavered in your loyalty. You shall be rewarded. But first, it is time for me to finally greet my people and take my place.

 Freya decided to walk this time instead of being carried. As we left the ship we were greeted by all of the cats and humans in the traditional way Bartholomew and the other cats had greeted Freya. What a sight it was, all of those cats on hind legs with paws up beside their heads and humans mirroring them, calling out as one, Majesty! I greet you in servitude!

All but one. Just out of the corner of my eye I saw something shiny catch the sun. It all happened so quickly, I turned and saw a man holding a silver gun, pointed right at us. He yelled out loud, “Death to the deserter!”, and fired as I dove to the ground to cover the queen. She and I both screamed as the bullet impacted.

Chapter Two

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Corey Feldman and Marty Weiss – What’s The Truth?

After writing my article about Corey Feldman I was contacted by one of the men Feldman accused of molesting him, Marty Weiss.

On 14/09/2018 1:50 AM, M Weiss wrote:

I saw your article regarding Corey Feldman and noticed how you printed that Marty Weiss molested Corey Feldman.
I have attached a video disproving that allegation. I will stop short of contacting my lawyer regarding a potential slander suit if you watch the first ten minutes of the attached video in which Corey states that I never molested him and adjust your article accordingly. Yes, I am Marty Weiss and will no longer tolerate false statements designed to sell books and raise money for Mr. Feldman.
Thank you.
Marty Weiss
Sent from my iPhone

I responded:


That was an honest mistake and I will make the correction. There is a lot of misinformation or disinformation going on around what Corey is trying to do (which for the record, I realize is to scam people) and it has to come to light in a large, public way that he has been lying in various ways. I do vaguely remember hearing that there are two people named Marty Weiss, perhaps that explains this situation.


I spoke with Weiss further on Twitter and here is some of what was said.


Weiss, who pled no contest to the charges against him, says that for legal reasons he won’t state whether he is guilty or not, and has no comment about his case at this time. He told me that Bobby Wolfe pushed him to come clean with everything and it made him uncomfortable. He plans to reveal more about the situation when and as he chooses.

We will likely never know for sure if he is a child molester or not. We know about Corey Feldmans habit of lying, so one thing which could be true is that he is lying about Marty Weiss being one of his abusers.


The Shaman For The Tree (Part 1)

                   Squirrels tickle my skin with their exercise as the wind laughs my leaves to swaying spastically in delight. Birds shelter in my thick arms, making life, teaching life, shaded by my abundant hair, yet still warmed by the sun.

                   Some of my arms are long, thin and twisting out and up to point at the sky, to say, “I see you, friend. I thank you for both the heat and the water”. My legs are many, twisting into the Earth, communicating with the soil and Her organisms, sustaining and renewing me.

                   One of the violent ones comes to me and I am suspicious, though she speaks to me of love, for me and my brothers and sisters who have been taken suddenly, though at the peak of health. She claims the desire to bring my story to the world and apologizes for her morbid communication medium to the other humans, the altered bodies of trees. She says there is no other way to record my experience as a living creature and that she hopes her efforts will cause an end to the murders.

                   I am wary of trusting such a one, yet as I consult with the Earth and Sun, they assure me that this person is not a killer, but rather a journeyer and a healer. She says she has made commerce with intermediaries of the killers but has never killed a tree and never could. She speaks of others like her, though few in number and spread wider around the Planet than my roots across this meadow. She says they grow in number and will continue to advocate for us.

                   She tells me of her journeys to possible futures where machines more complex than those which rip my people up, could replace paper as the communication medium between humans in different locations. It’s strange to me that creatures would feel the need to communicate in such ways. I have communication with the forests, the animals, Earth Mother and Sun Father, with just a thought.

                   The shaman says most humans close themselves off from the world, obsessed with a strange concept called “industry”. A preoccupation with mass possession of recreational tools, is all I can make of it. I feel sympathy, not for those humans who gleefully enjoy butchering us but for these others who, from the age of saplings, each are taught distraction, growing away from my people, even as we world so that all animals can simply breath.

                   I do not understand these future machines, how such things could work; like much of modern humanity, they are a mystery. Yet still, the Ground and the Sky are certain that this human is sincere. The Sun brightens and the wind stills; my new shaman friend has our attention.

                   There is hope for a safe future.

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The Primal Mystery and The Mother of All

I am moving to them,
slowly, gently, to fully
learn to know and heal myself.

The Biggest Creator,
The Great Mystery,
The Artist, Explorer, the
One Who Defies True, Full Description.

It / She / He is who I seek to know,
to remember my creation,
out of love and in purity.

I travel to return and learn,
because from the learning I have purpose.
I can teach.

The Great Mother, She of Stone,
Grass and Bone,
She of Minerals and Waters, our Home.

I seek her on whose body I am but a cell.

I search and wake as I feel her Breezes and smell
Her Greenery to know

I am healing, I am whole.

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