Unveiling of the Complex Fragmentary Nature of Reality (part 2)

Sophia & Adamus St Germain Are Creation

(Note: The following involves akashic reading, and is neither fiction nor imaginative poetry or prose. It also involves darkness, so if you are in the mood for something light, save this for later. Once you read this, it should be obvious that it is not longer and more detailed, because of how intense it is.)


The Universe is Sophia, Sophia is the Universe.

The explorations of her creations.

The categorizations.

Vegetation and animal life, fully aware, vibrant and new; communicating, growing, playing.


Then Akasha; the first woman. The first birth was divine as Akasha grew new life in bliss, in communion with all forms of life. The first avatar of Mother Earth, she was shape-shifted as birthed, from our Great Planets very minerals. Her descendants all gave birth to more females and lived in harmony with all of Creation.

Until a great sound of violence erupted as the World had never before experienced.

“The Skies shatter!
Overwhelming mass pains…
misery, starvation, slavery, hiding.”

At the Orion Constellation, multiple Universal breaches occurred, as vaginal walls were forced open. Punching through, shot phallic, foreign objects.

The Natural Law of Sophia the Universe had been violated.

The Adamic Universe had arrived in ships filled with shape-shifting people with limitless variations of sexuality. Adamus represented chaos and his law was that there were no laws. Rape, murder and thievery were not only legal, but encouraged.

And so the first rape was committed, the Universal sin for which Sophia takes eons in her struggle to help all heal from.

In this zero point, as I commune with Sophia and Adamus St Germain, I know that much has been accomplished. Our two Universes are in love, and vow to never leave each other. It is up to each and every one of us to heal the lasting scars within. People of all and no sexualities.

Both the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine have been equally hurt by what happened, in very different ways. This pain has become deeply embedded in every aspect of our modern world in 2020.

We must each learn at least one healing modality, and help teach others ways to heal themselves. With everything that is happening in the world, we must remember that we are all descended from Sophia and Adamus St Germain. They call on us to help them heal themselves and that includes us.

Sophia and the Adamus,
the dance of the ages.
The journey of the polarities,
the sagas of the Sages.
The compromise in stages,
so the love ages.

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Unveiling of the Complex Fragmentary Nature of Reality (part 1)

What Really Happened Between the “Anunnaki” & Mother Earth

(Note: The following involves other life discoveries of mine, and is neither fiction nor imaginative poetry or prose. It also involves [to some extent] darkness, so if you are in the mood for something light, save this for later.)

In this zero point, Kalanti, as they called him, flashes amidst the moving of the tree leaves through which I, eyes closed, gaze at him serenely. He shows me Chaba, Enlil and Ishtar. He communes his sorrow which watches mine. We exchange Pure Loving Anahara / Gaia & Sophia energies, all the while birds speak frantically and insects meditate in solitude. We are healing each other now, our Planets Sun and I.

For within the sorrow of Sol lies the true stories of the great civilizations of Lemuria, Atlantis, Sumer and Babylon.

For my part, I am remembering once again…

Irkalla at the time, I knew no toxic slime.

I simply bathed in rich electrolyte waters as sustenance,

and scrubbed with Clay all the time.

Inner Earth flower 2

A healer by trade, and elected as council head, through a natural law portal came a visitor called Kemeny. He told us of Ishtar, Enlil and of young conflicted Chaba as well. He said he thought Chaba was good, and that Ishtar and Enlil were brainwashing him.

His tale was heavy, yet weightless it became, inside Mother Earth as he spoke of health experiments and told us of these things called machines. He spoke of one person using tools to cause another deliberate death! This was illegal in Inner Earth; in fact no one would want to do that there, because the place was very high vibe.

Kemeny asked for our help. He said Ishtar and Enlil were the most cruel people he had ever known of. Because in the Summerlands at that time our vibes were among the energy cleanest on the Planet, we had empathic and telepathic abilities and could tell he was truthful, though many of us had never encountered violence before.

And so it goes that we traveled with our new visitor through a portal to the surface of Earth. We wanted to try and heal Chaba and Upper Earth people. There, Gaia / the Sun, the greenery and all the animals welcomed us with open, empathic communication and excitement. they told us of the great disturbance they had sensed in the leylines. They could feel that we were equipped to help.

As we traveled, we befriended Kemeny as he explained about torture devices and methods that are used on your current iteration of the timeline, dear reader.

We were shocked and dismayed by the cold uncaring, or sometimes cruel and gleeful actions of those that people were experiencing. We had been receiving more visitors to our realm than usual of late, and were so busy helping them to heal that we had not had the chance to figure out why. We couldn’t understand why people would use tools that kept people barely alive, though in misery and constant physical agony! Did these people know nothing of healing by the laying on of hands, by the energies and elements of their seasons, or by the food they chose to ingest as you do in modern times?

He explained that they did till know how to properly heal in Upper Earth, but that they were dazzled by the strangers who had come down out of the skies. Kemeny enthused that many Anunnaki were kind people and that he felt they wanted to stop the crimes, but they feared these strange, tall and beautiful people from outer space. They had flashing large tools made entirely out of metals, which they sat inside! They said they came from far away, where their sun was dying. I felt deep compassion for these people forced to leave their homes for the unknown. I told our new friend I was grateful that he came to get us.

For always has Inner Earth been the place on this Planet not only for incarnation and reincarnation, but a place for all weary travelers to rest after experiencing trauma. Some chose to stay with us once we were healed, and some took their new healing, artistic, logistic or other abilities to the surface; to their homes or to explore.

And so we diverse people of what some now mistakenly believe is “hell”, walked with determination into Babylon. Most of us were humans, some were unicorns and pixies, and with us also came a group of highly benevolent, gentle reptilian travelers called the Pataal. Everywhere they nomadicly went, by their very presence, animals and nature were healed.

The next thing I remember happening is that I was standing at the bottom of steep stairs that went up to a cliffs edge in front of some kind of building. This was a very intense regression, so it was blurry and I saw it quickly.

A man I recognized from having read his signature frequency off Kemenys mind, Chaba, stood amongst the Inner Earth people. They were mobbing him, pushing and shouting. They were so loud and far up that even I, with my ultra-healthy Inner Earth hearing, could not understand what they were saying. I saw some people standing at the back of the crowd looking uncertain and scared.

I started to run, yelling at them to stop, that this was not the way, we don’t do violence!

Someone, or several people, pushed him off the cliff suddenly, and I was horrified. It was the first time I had seen someone be assassinated.

Inner Earth flower 1

The people who had been at the back of the crowd tried their best to, along with me, help heal these people from their crimes, after we fled this crime scene that we were not guilty of. I don’t know what occurred after Chabas death, but the next other life flash is of us trying to heal some of the wrong-doers at a portal leading into Inner Earth. A few of them were able to be cleansed but most were not high vibe enough or even the least bit willing to admit they did anything wrong, so they had to stay in Upper Earth. I feel these are some of the people who founded Atlantis.

There will be more about what happened once I recover it. I will  be writing about my current healing methods and new other life regression clips I receive during Akashic / Remote Viewing which I do for myself.

I don’t rely solely on myself for recovering and confirming this work. I have two confidants who do the same types of work and I can trust them to tell me when I have gotten something wrong, because they have in the past. For whatever it may be worth, they both confirm what I have told you here.

A man who is incarnated now has a soul piece of Chaba which partially makes up his current life. I have him to thank for helping me relearn some of my shamanic abilities in this life. Unfortunately, due to a misunderstanding, he believes that I was one of the ones involved in killing him, so we are currently estranged.  I hope someone sends this to him and that he reconsiders the situation. I know that some of you will understand who he is.

As for people now being made of soul pieces and neither fresh souls made by a God, nor whole souls simply reincarnated, there is a reason for that. I will discuss that further in another piece about how we are in one fragmented universe where the Earth was destroyed at least once, and the timeline was started over by our Creator and Creatress to be rewritten by us.

They decided to save each soul who had not been killed by time travel warfare and lost in void, by gently working with them to divide each soul into a number of different bodies, as one new soul, for reincarnation. Thus, if one person was killed in the “secret” space programs, or in any other ways, entire original souls would not be lost. In fact, I am only one of many people in this Universe who volunteered for this; everyone did.

Esotericism is a complex subject and I will be writing on a variety of such topics. I hope you are able to consider that everything I’ve said here may be true to you.



The Esoteric Made Exoteric

1 – Near The Beginning
I am woman.
We are women.
She is the Lady of Ten Thousand Names,
the Shaman tells us.
We are at one with Mother Earth,
and Grandmother Sophia.


“The Skies shatter!
Overwhelming mass pains…
misery, starvation, slavery, hiding.”


Mother knows not our names.


2 – The Middle
Sophia and the Adamus,
the dance of the ages.
The journey of the polarities,
the sagas of the Sages.
The compromise in stages,
so the love ages.



About: This is a work in progress. The ending is up to all of us.


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The Pixies are From Jupiter

As you stand confidently within your own centre, you unfocus your eyes and feel the connection with The Earth and The Sky. You feel the Central Sun and all of it’s awareness with The Mother Dirt and Trees and Stones. You go beyond, and see, along with your vision of the Planet Earth that your body stands upon, distant yet comforting, encouraging and pulsing with excitement, The Source, The Prime Creator at the cradle of civilization.

In the distance you sense those in their chosen positions. In one direction, The Unicorns with their steadfast calm, and in another, the humanoid Pataal, whose benevolent reptilian grace is potent. All birds and small mammals are still, surrounding you, expectant.

Using your body as an amplifier of the chosen intention, you kneel to stroke the dirt as the trees hum and a light breeze gently encourages you.

Eventually, the tiniest shoots of green emerge, and you sit back. You are in the no time zone. How much time have you spent in your co-creation? It is no matter. You are sustained by your fully mineralized, vitality filled Giant body.

Slowly, as you sit, gazing at the Central Sun casting blueish-purple lights upon all, the sky fills with shoots of colour coming from all directions. Jupiter has joined and your vision overlaps with this to see him far away, emulating jubilation, as He sends His gifts to your Mother Earth.

The lights are in every colour you can imagine and some you are now just learning. They drift and dance patterns in the sky as they slowly reach the green shoots, and each one enters.

The breeze picks up, becoming a blissful, cheerful gust that all feel.

More no time. More growing. You distance speak, one to one, with the minds surrounding you. There is so much love, bliss and joy in equal measure, shared by all, including the new souls who make the green shoots glow. As you experience the growing of these darling children, you thank All around you for the privilege of joining in this creation.

The little ones are growing curious. Their tops grow flowers to match the colours they were on their journey in. Each petal experiments with variations in shade. Some decide to work with more than one hue. As the first, most curious Pixie emerges, she fashions herself into a tiny humanoid with insect wings. She giggles and flies off into the trees. Seconds later, all of the flowers shoot out Pixies and the sky fills with the sounds of their wonder as I watch them alight on trees, fly straight up or away.

You walk through the trees and hop over stones, dancing your way to make visits to the Pataal, the Unicorns, birds and other mammals who share greetings and exclamations of this joyous occasion.




The Nameless: Tales of an Outcast Faerie, Book 1 Review

First, thank you Allison Rose Creations and Netgalley for the ARC.

Outcasts of Faerie have lived unseen and secluded from humans. Until now.

When a strange dark magic threatens the human world, sixteen-year-old Nola seeks the help of Kelty, an outcast faerie she discovered with her rare magic sight, to help her stop it.

Reluctant and wary, Kelty must choose between turning her back on the helpless humans or sacrificing her chance to return to Faerie, which is only possible if she remains untainted by human contact.

The outcast responsible for Kelty’s banishment is playing his own dangerous game. He might be the answer to defeating the dark magic. He also might destroy them both.

Will the truth be discovered before the dark magic is unleashed upon the human world?

For fans of fast-paced YA fantasy, intense plots, and breathtaking magic, The Nameless is a tale unlike any other.


the nameless


This is a faery novel about saving the Earth. I started to read it after being intrigued by the prequels. I was thinking it would be a nice light(ish) read. And in many ways it is. Books like this are what the world needs more of in these times of uncertainty.

This book is not bogged down by too much telling instead of showing, yet there is far too much repetition. It comes across as condescending – even towards the teens/tweens it seems to be marketed to, because if they come to expect a lot of repetition in the books they read, they may not develop their memories well. I realize this is probably not how the author meant it to come across, but that is just my impression.

One of the biggest cases of repetition is this: I lost count of how many times the narrator told us the same things about the Night and Day courts – sometimes word for word. I tried to tell myself not to be impatient, but I kept getting bored and having trouble paying attention, despite the fact that this is just the type of book I enjoy most. I don’t like having to do this, but I read the first nine chapters and was starting to get annoyed, so I’m not continuing. Maybe I will try this book again in the future.

People who have a poor memory and enjoy fairytales will probably love this. If you want to give it a try, get your copy here.



Here With The Faeries

Eyes unfocused, sparkles of all colours
fly joy quickly around me, through me,
and yet I am stilled and with no vertigo.

Beyond them I feel the void as a
calmness, a freedom of possibility.

Of no-time we are, as I am danced for.
My asking brings me not away,
but to myself through a shiny cleanse
building stronger and brighter within.

My gift of past healing returns.
I am here with the faeries.


The #Magdalene Lineage, by Reena Kumarasingham (#Book Review)

One of the Sophian traditions states that the first Christed Man was Jesus and Mary Magdalene was the first Christed Woman, and the two reveal the divine potential of humanity – the attainment of Christhood. In him Christ the logos (Word) is embodied, and in her, Christ the Sophia (Wisdom) is embodied. Through their union, the divine fullness is revealed. The Christ Consciousness is the same, whether embodied in a man or a woman, for the life-power is equal in men and women. It is the balance of their equal differences that makes the healthy whole. This is truly key to the essence of spirituality – feminine or otherwise.


First, thanks go out to Reena KumarasinghamNetgalley and John Hunt Publishing, for allowing me to review this ARC.

I was quite drawn to this book, because as a meditator, I have regressed myself to visions of my own past lives. This book just felt right even before I started reading it. While reading, I would instantly go into a semi-meditative state as a reaction to the truth I was feeling. Within these accounts of two women who, guided by the author, regressed into visions of having lived Mary Magdalene and her daughter Tamar (Sara)’s lives, there is beauty, truth and freedom to be found. For those unfamiliar with Gnosticism, the book is a good starting point that goes more in depth as the book progresses.

“According to Gnostic traditions, everything below is found above, for all things are grounded upon their celestial and holy pattern. Just as there is a sun and moon below, there is a sun and moon above, though of another order.”

Mary Magdalene, along with Jesus, taught The Way. She taught the women and children, and eventually, in some of her travels later in life, many men as well. They were sacred partners in their Great Work.

“Through her, the light of truth was extended to all spirits an creatures who desire to receive it, and she taught her disciples to do likewise, so they might know the wonders of Sophia and the communion with the Earth.”

Near the end, the author asks how more than one person can have past life memories of having been the same person. Her answer is Jungian in that she talks about the collective unconscious, which everyone can tap into. I have a different experience of it and know several people who feel the same. People are composed of parts of past lives, which God puts together each time a person incarnates, to create that new person. This is so we can sense and hopefully find our soul family in each new incarnation; the people we are meant to be with to accomplish the things we incarnated for. So Jung was close, but it is not quite that people can just tap into anything and that means it is a part of their own experience. Only into what is necessary. Beyond that, as living beings, we are also all interconnected in a more basic loving way.

“To the grand ladies, I am talking about the Web, the one Consciousness, and the roles that we play, and how everyone has an equal role, and giving them examples about how, if they did not have their tenants farming, who would put food on their plates? How would they earn an income? The illusion of structure and power is merely that – an illusion. It is the people and what they believe and what they do that gives them the power, for if they did not exist, who else will have to work the lands, but these ladies? Who else will have to stoke the fires but these ladies? The grand lady who owns this magnificent mansion listens attentively and nods thoughtfully. There are ladies who do not want to hear what it is I have to say.”

This is different from other books on Mary Magdalene, because rather than being simply a scholarly work, or the actual Gospel According to Mary Magdalene, it is a spiritual one which teaches the basics of Gnosticism through past life regressions. It is not fiction. But it is the sort of everyday magic that we can all bring into our lives. There is fiction about Mary Magdalene, if that’s what you are looking for. My top picks are The Maeve Chronicles and The Moon Under Her Feet. The Magdalene Lineage though, is well worth the read, and I encourage everyone to check it out when it’s released on April 1st.

“I get everyone to hold hands, and I connect to Father Sky and Mother Earth – as above, so below. And I connect to all of them who walk with me. There are so many of them at this point, that we need to make two or three big circles. So I share – I bless each one of them with Father Sky and Mother Earth energy, and my own energy, and I send[that] to all of them so that my memory may be imprinted within them, should they so wish it to be. The balance, the wholeness and oneness is also imprinted within them – the Web, the links. So as they move forward, they have the resonance of this energy.”


In Veritas, by C.J. Lavigne (Book Review)


“Things that are and are not, she thinks, and the dog is a snake.”

In this fantastic and fantastical debut, C.J. Lavigne concocts a wondrous realm overlaying a city that brims with civic workers and pigeons. Led by her synesthesia, Verity Richards discovers a hidden world inside an old Ottawa theatre. Within the timeworn walls live people who should not exist—people whose very survival is threatened by science, technology, and natural law. Verity must submerge herself in this impossible reality to help save the last traces of their broken community. Her guides: a magician, his shadow-dog, a dying angel, and a knife-edged woman who is more than half ghost.

With great empathy and imagination, In Veritas explores the nature of truth and the complexities of human communication.




As the book began, I was thinking it might just be too dark and depressing. It isnt! I was hooked and had to drag myself away from my kindle to go to bed, several times.

I only experience a fraction of the synesthesia the protagonist does, but this book is great. This will definitely remain one of my top books of the year, even though it’s only March.

The writing style may seem unusual to some, but it was an exhilarating, intense experience for me. This is a beautiful and sad magical realism tale of people waking up to ancient abilities. And yet the way it is written makes it seem so natural, like everything in this book, or at least some of it, could be happening for real. It’s not one of those novels where everything is fixed easily. Save this for later if you are in the mood for a light read. This is the only time I can remember really enjoying a novel that was written in the present tense.

I may seem a bit biased because I live in the city this book takes place in. It was fun to read about places I have walked many times. Another thing is that I don’t read horror novels. But this book was so great that the few explicit scenes drew me into the story, and they are important so that we can understand the characters motivations. They don’t seem gratuitous at all. I’m glad I didn’t quit early on, because that ending was worth it!

Thank you C.J. Lavigne and NeWest Press for allowing me to review this ARC.

You can get this book on May 1st.

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