The #Magdalene Lineage, by Reena Kumarasingham (#Book Review)

“One of the Sophian traditions states that the first Christed Man was Jesus and Mary Magdalene was the first Christed Woman, and the two reveal the divine potential of humanity – the attainment of Christhood. In him Christ the logos (Word) is embodied, and in her, Christ the Sophia (Wisdom) is embodied. Through their union, the divine fullness is revealed. The Christ Consciousness is the same, whether embodied in a man or a woman, for the life-power is equal in men and women. It is the balance of their equal differences that makes the healthy whole. This is truly key to the essence of spirituality – feminine or otherwise.”


First, thanks go out to Reena Kumarasingham and John Hunt Publishing, for allowing me to review this ARC.

I was quite drawn to this book, because as a meditator, I have regressed myself to visions of my own past lives. This book just felt right even before I started reading it. While reading, I would instantly go into a semi-meditative state as a reaction to the truth I was feeling. Within these accounts of two women who, guided by the author, regressed into visions of having lived Mary Magdalene and her daughter Tamar (Sara)’s lives, there is beauty, truth and freedom to be found. For those unfamiliar with Gnosticism, the book is a good starting point that goes more in depth as the book progresses.

“According to Gnostic traditions, everything below is found above, for all things are grounded upon their celestial and holy pattern. Just as there is a sun and moon below, there is a sun and moon above, though of another order.”

Mary Magdalene, along with Jesus, taught The Way. She taught the women and children, and eventually, in some of her travels later in life, many men as well. They were sacred partners in their Great Work.

“Through her, the light of truth was extended to all spirits an creatures who desire to receive it, and she taught her disciples to do likewise, so they might know the wonders of Sophia and the communion with the Earth.”

Near the end, the author asks how more than one person can have past life memories of having been the same person. Her answer is Jungian in that she talks about the collective unconscious, which everyone can tap into. I have a different experience of it and know several people who feel the same. People are composed of parts of past lives, which God puts together each time a person incarnates, to create that new person. This is so we can sense and hopefully find our soul family in each new incarnation; the people we are meant to be with to accomplish the things we incarnated for. So Jung was close, but it is not quite that people can just tap into anything and that means it is a part of their own experience. Only into what is necessary. Beyond that, as living beings, we are also all interconnected in a more basic loving way.

“To the grand ladies, I am talking about the Web, the one Consciousness, and the roles that we play, and how everyone has an equal role, and giving them examples about how, if they did not have their tenants farming, who would put food on their plates? How would they earn an income? The illusion of structure and power is merely that – an illusion. It is the people and what they believe and what they do that gives them the power, for if they did not exist, who else will have to work the lands, but these ladies? Who else will have to stoke the fires but these ladies? The grand lady who owns this magnificent mansion listens attentively and nods thoughtfully. There are ladies who do not want to hear what it is I have to say.”

This is different from other books on Mary Magdalene, because rather than being simply a scholarly work, or the actual Gospel According to Mary Magdalene, it is a spiritual one which teaches the basics of Gnosticism through past life regressions. It is not fiction. But it is the sort of everyday magic that we can all bring into our lives. There is fiction about Mary Magdalene, if that’s what you are looking for. My top picks are The Maeve Chronicles and The Moon Under Her Feet. The Magdalene Lineage though, is well worth the read, and I encourage everyone to check it out when it’s released on April 1st.

“I get everyone to hold hands, and I connect to Father Sky and Mother Earth – as above, so below. And I connect to all of them who walk with me. There are so many of them at this point, that we need to make two or three big circles. So I share – I bless each one of them with Father Sky and Mother Earth energy, and my own energy, and I send[that] to all of them so that my memory may be imprinted within them, should they so wish it to be. The balance, the wholeness and oneness is also imprinted within them – the Web, the links. So as they move forward, they have the resonance of this energy.”

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In Veritas, by C.J. Lavigne (Book Review)

“Things that are and are not, she thinks, and the dog is a snake.”

In this fantastic and fantastical debut, C.J. Lavigne concocts a wondrous realm overlaying a city that brims with civic workers and pigeons. Led by her synesthesia, Verity Richards discovers a hidden world inside an old Ottawa theatre. Within the timeworn walls live people who should not exist—people whose very survival is threatened by science, technology, and natural law. Verity must submerge herself in this impossible reality to help save the last traces of their broken community. Her guides: a magician, his shadow-dog, a dying angel, and a knife-edged woman who is more than half ghost.

With great empathy and imagination, In Veritas explores the nature of truth and the complexities of human communication.


As the book began, I was thinking it might just be too dark and depressing. It isnt! I was hooked and had to drag myself away from my kindle to go to bed, several times.

I only experience a fraction of the synesthesia the protagonist does, but this book is great. This will definitely remain one of my top books of the year, even though it’s only March.

The writing style may seem unusual to some, but it was an exhilarating, intense experience for me. This is a beautiful and sad magical realism tale of people waking up to ancient abilities. And yet the way it is written makes it seem so natural, like everything in this book, or at least some of it, could be happening for real. It’s not one of those novels where everything is fixed easily. Save this for later if you are in the mood for a light read. This is the only time I can remember really enjoying a novel that was written in the present tense.

I may seem a bit biased because I live in the city this book takes place in. It was fun to read about places I have walked many times. Another thing is that I don’t read horror novels. But this book was so great that the few explicit scenes drew me into the story, and they are important so that we can understand the characters motivations. They don’t seem gratuitous at all. I’m glad I didn’t quit early on, because that ending was worth it!

Thank you C.J. Lavigne and NeWest Press for allowing me to review this ARC. You can get this book on May 1st.

Resistance: A Songwriter’s Story of Hope, Change, and Courage by Tori Amos (Book Review)

From one of rock music’s most influential and enduring figures, a book about engaging meaningfully with our current political moment.

(Thanks Atria / Simon & Schuster for sending me this ARC.)


This book surprised me because it wasn’t as far left as I was concerned it might be. My worldview is mixed, from a bit on the left, to the middle and a bit on the right, yet nothing really annoyed me politically about the book. It was more about social experiences that we can all understand and feel for, and how they effect her songwriting, rather than irritating far left political virtue signalling – which is what musicians are so often about these days.

This was a better read than I expected, going by her last two albums. I was surprised at how boring they were. I love all of Tori’s earlier work, but sadly it seems like maybe without tragedy, she is not inspired to make great music. Though I would rather she not make any more new music than be suffering from painful experiences. Maybe I’m wrong about that and in the future she will come out with some fun yet musically complex albums; stuff like her b-sides. Or maybe she will surprise people and do something she hasn’t done before. I hope that losing two of the people closest to her is not the reason her recent music has suffered in quality. In the past it seemed like she was putting all of her passion into healing herself through her music. I hope she never gives up on that outlet, because there is no one quite like her in the music world.

A great thing about this book is that, unlike her first book which was written with the annoying, pretentious (yes, more pretentious than Tori is) Ann Powers, Tori is the only author here.

Look for this book to be released at your favourite bookstore on May 5th.

#Liver – ing It Up: How To Love Your #Carnivore #Superfood #Multivitamin (#Keto #FTW)

There is no other food that has all of the vitamins and minerals that we need. Therefore liver makes keto diets easier to get used to, and those on other diets will benefit as well. Many liver fans, myself included, feel a gigantic boost in our overall health due to beef liver. It is even known to give some, like me, a blissful meditative feeling, and for others it increases their sex drive.


Because of the distinct, plus strong savory and sweet taste of beef liver, or perhaps due to it’s jelly-like consistency, many of us avoid eating it. It could have to do with the palate change from a diet that contains sugar, to a carnivore or some other keto diet, but it is possible to love liver. I used to detest it and now I eat it every day. Sugar is known to dull the taste buds and is highly addictive, so I encourage everyone to try the following to get used to liver and to take full advantage of taste buds which are not dulled by sugar use.

Michelle Dowker MSc, ND recommends blending the liver (I know, gross, but stay with me here), then freezing it in an ice cube tray and adding at least one to ground beef. I decided on 50 grams of liver per 100 grams of ground beef, as I did not want to ingest too much vitamin a. However, I will start eating more, as there is evidence that it is a myth people can eat too much vitamin a, because the only known cases come from 1597 when people went to the arctic and ate polar bear liver. There is much talk of too much vitamin a killing people, but even in this case, and even so long ago, no one died.

After a month and a half of this, I became so used to eating it every few days, that I thought I would give plain, unblended liver a chance. I still gagged a bit. So, I plugged my nose while eating (again, yeah, gross, but I was eating alone, so there’s that.) This made me able to eat it just fine. A week later I decided to try smelling it at the same time, and now I love it! I can politely eat liver with my mouth closed. I doubt a day will go by for the rest of my life without me eating it.

Speaking of Keto, I have found the perfect bacon from Du Breton, and breakfast sausages from McClean Meats (0 sugar, soy and wheat, plus organic and antibiotic free). I hope you can find them in your area, but if not, ask your butcher if they would be willing to bring some in.

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I hope you had a smile and a groan at the bad pun in the title. Please love yourself enough to make healthy choices if you have any health problems.

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Zero Point Anti-Weapon

I reverse what’s given to me.

Feeling > logic becomes emotion = thought.
Cell death is cellular rebirth,
a mitochondrial soup of power flows confidently through my veins.

Briskly I program my organic machine,
Locked, I’ve loaded this anti-weapon,
this regenerating treasure trove in
the zero point of a medical magicians cloaked shapeshifting freedom spells.

No retaliation is needed as
all energy can be reversed.
Misunderstanding becomes compassion;
pain, pleasure.
Curiosity becomes knowledge;
hate, love.

Decay becomes thriving life.

© Rose Night
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I tried to do a stranger a favour, & encountered racism as a white person, even though I’m mixed race.

I remember being ten years old, and walking into the elementary school with my mom, for an event. She was carrying a tray of cupcakes she had made as our contribution. A white boy came running past and yelled, “Thanks for the cupcakes, nigger!”

That was my first experience with racism. My mother comes from Trinidad and Tobago, and has beautiful medium brown skin. Though she does not have African features, racists gonna racist. We’re Indo-Trinidadian, which means that before we were Trinidadian, our distant ancestors came from India. My father came to Canada from Scotland, and I also have Irish ancestry from his side.

Yesterday, I went into a shopping mall and stopped to take off my -20 weather layers. I was standing near a table in the food court, that had a battered bag and a case on it. I looked around and waited a minute, but no one came for it. Figuring that someone had forgotten them, I didn’t want anyone to steal them. I took them towards where customer services used to be and saw a sign that it had been moved. Trying to find it, I instead saw a food court worker and went to ask her where it was so that the items could be put into lost & found.

Right away she started to tell me what was going on but just then, a darker skinned than I (maybe mixed race, or middle eastern) man walked up and reached out to take the bags. I said “Those are yours then? I thought someone forgot them”, and handed them to him, just as he, in a huff, said over me, “Are you white?!”.

Taken aback, I looked from him to the food court worker and back and said, “Yeah, I’m white…”. He just glared at me and shook his head. He walked off as I said to his back, “Just trying to do someone a favour, man”. The food court worker said, “Yeah, he…” “Probably homeless”, I said, because of his smell. “Did he think I was trying to steal his stuff? It was falling apart, why would anyone steal it?” We both shook our heads. “He’s in here all the time. We think he’s schizophrenic”, she said.

As I walked away after bidding her a good day, I felt sympathy for this guy, who must have suffered in some way(s) to have found himself in such a situation. I also reflected that when people ask my race I usually just tell them about how I am mixed race. In this situation, I was so surprised by what had happened, as it was my first time being discriminated against as a white person.

You may have noticed that I previously wrote about my experience joining online nazi groups as a social experiment, and out of psychological curiosity. Because of discussions we would have in these groups about our lives, I discovered that many who get involved with those groups weren’t already racist, they are just vulnerable to cultic influences, because of some type of past trauma which weakened their will. Of course, that is no excuse for racism, but rather is a twisted version of reason, due to a lack of mental and emotional health.

I realized that I was not offended by what this guy had said to me, even though it was technically racist. I only felt sympathy for him. I hope that he gets help with his life situation, and mental, emotional health.

Whatever your ethnicity, have you ever had an unusual experience with racism?

Anahara and The Memory Collector

Goddess Ancient.
When one again I’ll root
and branch in your
healing springs of neutral balm,
your fountains pure
will finally cleanse me
of the ages of work I’ve completed.

Your names,
Great Goddess,
Mother of All,
are numerous beyond recorded.

You were and are
communed with in and as
sounds made of and with
all of nature.

© Rose Night
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The Key And The Battle

I found the key.
It’s part of me.

I know the path,
though you may laugh.

I start the journey,
not in a hurry.

I stay low and quiet,
because I know they’ll buy it.

I do not flee,
because I see.

I would know if I were blinded,
if they could benefit from being reminded.

The key, through my cells, is blinded.
Wherever you put the locked door, I will find it.

I will win this battle, though I did not start it.
I will lose this battle, though I accept not a part of it.

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